Friday, January 10, 2014

Happiness is...

Coming home from a delicious taco/fried chicken/green chile cheeseburger-eating trip and making a big pan of Isa’s vegan cauliflower-leek kugel.

Meeting really delightful and talented people and having them invite me into their home and share their stories with me.

Having camped in very cold, crisp weather. The happiness during waxes and wanes, but the feeling afterward is sublime. Clear skies that make cold nights also give stars.

Hot showers and firm mattresses.

New tires.

The chance of aurora borealis, even unrealized.

Words, words, words, and more words, and some music.

Finding the one dress that I can wear every day for the next year, or more.

Deciding the next fictional story that I can work at telling every day for the next year.

Knowing what I want, even if the path is obscured.

Above: the Presidio County Courthouse in Marfa lit up with community-funded holiday lights. The iconic water tower is to the right. Below: random west Texas early morning scenery. I wanted to get a rear-view picture of Marfa as I was leaving yesterday with the words "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear," but I got distracted.

Above: Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock entertain New Years Eve in Marfa. Both men have sons who play music and who played with them this night. In the audience was Jimmie Dale's mother who looks just like him. Below: my bowl of black-eyed peas at the Terlingua annual New Years Day black-eyed pea-off. Delish. And as a matter of fact, Clint, I AM feeling lucky.

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Melody said...

I love your idea of the rear view mirror photo, but I'm glad something else shiny distracted you from that thought! Glad you experience so much happiness!ar