Saturday, November 23, 2013


I have realized through Buddhist practice the destructive energy of identity. I became by experience a strong, independent woman who needed help from no one. The consequence was that I never learned interdependence, never accomplished anything that couldn’t be done alone. I clung to this identity despite the attendant suffering, thinking the alternative was to be weak and dependent. Then I found help; I started letting go—the critical work of a lifetime. I still carry that identity, but it is a sweater I can put on. I don’t have to BE any label. Maybe I can just be light.


Scott Walker said...

Interesting timing. I just read this this morning:

“Not only are the things outside ourselves empty of the solid, objective reality we project on them, the same is true for our inner sense of self. We instinctively feel that we exist as something very real, definite, and substantial. We have no doubt about the real me and it seems absurd to think of it as just another hallucination. Yet if we take the trouble to search for this supposedly concrete ‘I’ or ‘me’ we will discover that we cannot find it anywhere.”
~Lama Yeshe, "Introduction to Tantra…”

Gretel said...

Hmm. And how's it going for you, this identity thing? I'll confess to mere baby steps.